What To Expect: Week 10

July 6, 2009

First of all, couldn’t they have found a cuter food item for comparing size this week? A prune? That’s just creepy looking… Besides the creepy, shriveled-fruit-like size, the baby’s bones are beginning to develop and vital organs are starting to function. Among these are the kidneys. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen – the baby can now pee. It can also use its tiny little arms and fingers.

I’ve been pretty lucky with the lack of pregnancy symptoms, but I do think my stomach is getting a little bit bigger. On Wednesday, I had to use the old “rubber band around the button” trick while I was at work – my pants were fine while I was standing, but when I sat down, it felt like my waistband was doing permanent, irreparable damage to my internal organs. The pants I was wearing actually have a button and two metal hooks, so I had to get a bent paper clip in on the action. Very awkward and uncomfortable. So, looks like that’s one pair of pants that will be on hiatus for awhile! Fortunately the 6 pairs of shorts I bought at Old Navy right before I found out I was pregnany still fit comfortably – I would be really mad if I was having to buy more new shorts right now!

Aaron is supposed to be blogging on here, but since that hasn’t happened yet, I’ll give you my personal update on the state of the Papa. He has been absolutely wonderful the whole time! I joked the other weekend that if I had known he would be this nice to me, I would have gotten pregnant YEARS ago! He definitely should be entered in the Supportive Husband Hall of Fame. He went to the store Monday to buy everything to make Shepherd’s Pie just because I had seen it on TV and it looked yummy. He drove me to urgent care last Friday night when I got a UTI (no biggie, but it freaked me out and he automatically jumped into the driver’s seat, literally and figuratively.) And he lets me use “But, I’m pregnant” as an excuse for everything! Best husband ever….


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