Absence makes the heart grow

What is this? A blog post, you say? Surely, hell has frozen over due to all the flying pigs and whatnot! Well, hell is actually nice and warm, and I’m in it. Muscatine, Iowa. For 6 days. Without my Boo Bear. Or my sexy husband. And, no, I’m not on vacation!!! I am in Iowa for work-related training, and although it could have been made somewhat enjoyable by the prospect of some well-deserved and long-overdue alone time, I am unfortunately stuck sharing a room with a coworker from our Jacksonville office. That snores. Fun times. 

However, in the spirit of making the most out of turning lemons into lemonade while the sun is shining, I am determined to use the free time I have here to do all the things I “don’t have the time to do” when I’m home. Like wash my face before bed (sorry, sister!) And get some cardio in before my morning shower. (Still playing that by ear….) AND write a blog post!

Really, I wanted take a moment to record for posterity my first real amount of time spent away from Addison. There was that one time, roughly a year ago, where she spent the night with Papi and Abuelita so I could get some thesis work done. That time I cried all the way home from work because I felt like I was abandoning my child. And that was one night. Now, I’m abandoning my child for five nights, and I’m very far away, so I can’t come running to her if something is wrong. I think I’ve written enough about my constant state of worrying that you should know what this has done to me emotionally. My boss has asked me about 20 times over the past two weeks, “Are you stressed about the trip? You seem stressed.” YES, I’M STRESSED! DON’T YOU KNOW ME AT ALL????? But he doesn’t read my blog, so he doesn’t really know. Thank God.

Despite the melodrama in the previous paragraphs, I’m actually handling things pretty well. I did cry while talking to my sister on the phone earlier today about the fears I have related to my trip (namely, me dying in a plane crash and never seeing Addy again, Addy dying from something horrible while I’m far away and have no way of getting to her, Addy crying for me every night and feeling like I’ve abandoned her. You know, typical psycho mom stuff.) And I teared up when I left Aaron and Addy at the airport. But that’s been the extent of it so far.

I’ve sent a lot of texts back and forth, gotten a picture, and I’m feeling pretty good. The kid’s got an awesome papa, two fat cats (one indoor, one outdoor), 4 grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a million other people who love her within a 20 mile radius. She’s going to be fine. Aaron’s already taken her to the Junior Museum, and he’s taking off work on Thursday and Friday so they can have fun together. He probably fed her ice cream for dinner and let her run around the house naked. The kid is having the time of her life!

As for me? I’m going to sleep the sleep of a tired mommy who hasn’t had a bed to herself in over 3 years. And also had a margarita at dinner. That never hurts….


One response to “Absence makes the heart grow

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have those SAME psycho mommy fears. I hope this week goes by fast for you and you get home safe!

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