What To Expect: Week 9

June 30, 2009

This week, the baby is no longer an embryo and is now a fetus. Apparently this means that it is not as susceptible to damages from environmental exposures. Anything that makes me have less to worry about sounds good to me! The baby is about an inch long now, roughly the size of a green olive. At this point, it’s possible to hear the heartbeat, so we’ll have that to look forward to at my next appointment on the 20th!
It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the baby news a secret. I went to a dinner function for work on Sunday, and had to lamely bow out of drinking with the excuse that I had had a terrible migraine during the day and didn’t want it to come back. I think they bought it…. Only three more weeks until the end of my first trimester, and one more month until the end of my self-imposed secret-keeping deadline (I wanted to wait until the semester is over – less stress that way!)

This week I actually felt a little bit less tired – Yay! I haven’t been completely exhausted as soon as I wake up, and I can actually do about 30 minutes of housework at a time before I start feeling tired. Perfect timing since I only have 3 weeks until my big Studio IV project is due and I will need all the energy I can muster to get it finished!

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