What To Expect: Week 11

July 13, 2009

For some reason, this week’s size comparison was really amazing to me – I mean, a LIME? That’s huge! It seems like such a big jump from last week and that creepy prune. I even went to the fridge and grabbed a lime to feel what we’re dealing with here. A lime is a pretty substantial size, so I feel like now this baby is getting somewhere! This week it’s starting to get teeth, nails and hair. It will need hair to cover up all that head – right now it’s a 1:1 ratio between head and body. The baby can also stretch, do somersaults and forward rolls. Not that I can feel any of it,but at least it’s getting a workout. And apparently there’s plenty of room for activity – right now, my uterus is supposed to be the size of a grapefruit. I don’t know how big it is usually, but a grapefruit seems pretty damn big when you consider the fact that it’s sitting inside your abdomen.


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