It’s been almost 6 months since my last blog post. I feel like I’m confessing or something. “Forgive me, Addison, for I have sinned.” I still don’t know how I graduated from school (FINALLY!!!!!!!!) which gave me more free time, but somehow haven’t had enough time to blog. I used to blog a lot at work, but now that I have a “real” job, there’s no time for that. And it’s not because you don’t do anything worthy of blogging about, that’s for sure! One of my professors told me that people usually are depressed after they graduate because it’s a big change, and I think that was true for me a bit. Maybe I was just boycotting writing in general after finishing my thesis. Who cares? Here I am!

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d write about some things that you LOVE. Tops on that list, Barney. Still. You watch Barney at some point every day. Most mornings, you’ll watch Barney videos on my iPhone in the car. Most afternoons, too. And I’m really, really okay with it because you’ve learned so many little songs that you sing from Barney that I can’t really be mad. You know “BINGO!” and “Old McDonald” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Mr. Sun” and probably at least a dozen others. You also know every word to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (because of this video) and to “You Are My Sunshine” (because I sing it to you a lot.)

At some point, you learned “Happy Birthday.” For about a month, you wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” non-stop. Every time you’d see a candle (any candle, not just candles on a cake – votive candles, pillar candles, prayer candles) you’d say, “Happy Birthday!” And then we’d sing the song, and you’d blow out the candle. You still love to sing it, and every time we sing “Happy Birthday” to a different person – usually not to you. Auntie and Anna are two of your favorites, and Grandma and Kenny make appearances. Tonight, you wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” to Tia. You usually don’t want to sing to Mommy or Daddy, either. Rude.

Speaking of Auntie and Anna, they are two things you LOVE, too! You’ve been spending every Wednesday with them, and aside from deciding that your mission in life is to boss Anna around, you guys have a lot of fun together. The two of you will spend a good amount of time jumping in Anna’s crib, and you’ll dance and watch television. A lot of the time you go out to see Nana, and she teaches you songs and you give her lots of hugs and kisses.

You LOVE giving hugs and kisses. You’re the best about giving them randomly without anyone even asking. Sarah hardly ever wants you to giver her kisses, though, which used to make you sad. Now, though, you’ll just say, “Yaya no quiere” when she refuses your kisses. And after about 90% of your kisses, you’ll wipe your mouth off and say, “chew baba.” “Baba” is Spanish for slobber, and I have no idea where the “chew” part came from.

You LOVE yogurt. You have had five yogurts in a day before. You would probably eat at least 8 if we’d let you. At least you’re getting calcium somewhere. You’ll drink the occasional glass of “choco” – chocolate milk, and those two things are your only source of milk anymore because we stopped nursing! We pretty much stopped cold turkey in November and haven’t looked back. Well, that’s not totally true. I’ve had a lot of moments where I miss having that time with you, and you asked for “ums” multiple times a day for several weeks until you got used to it. The up side of no longer nursing is that now you sleep a lot better at night. You’re still our little snuggle bug, which I love (Daddy has a love-hate relationship with your snuggle-bugness. Depends on how much you tossed and turned the night before.)

You also LOVE your grandparents – Grandma and Abuelita are at the top of that list. Papi learned that if he said the word “Grandma,” you would search his house for 10 minutes looking for her. Also, he said that every day, you’ll come sit on his lap, cover his eyes and say, “Where’s Grandma?” No idea what that’s about, but it cracks him up! You love your Papi, too. He’s still working in Maryland three weeks at a time, but when he comes home, you make up for lost hugs and kisses. He’s said that he’d be rich if he had a dollar for every time you say “Papi” every day. And of course, you love Grandpa. You say “Brampa” instead of “Grandpa,” and “bi-tar” instead of “guitar” – Grandpa lets you play his “bi-tars” and his keyboard all the time.

There are so many more things that you love (tea parties and washing dishes and painting and sliding and swinging), but I’ll have to write about those another time. I promise!

I love you so much, Diddle.

Love, Mommy


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