18 Months

Dear Diddle,

Where to start???? Obviously there’s been a big ‘ol gap in the blog posts. Not because you haven’t done anything worthy of writing about (you’ve only gotten cuter and smarter! No surprise there…) but because Mommy has been BUSY. I was doing an okay job at keeping up with everything, squeezing in blog posts once a month between working part time, working on Grad School, and being a wife and mommy. But then our schedule faced a DRASTIC change at the end of April – I got a REAL job! That alone is one of the most important things to happen to us in the last year. You don’t understand any of this, but the economy is really, really bad right now, and it’s very hard to find jobs, much less good jobs. That is especially true in Interior Design because it’s closely tied to the housing market, which is one of the areas that has been hardest hit by this economic downturn. (Are you sleepy yet? Maybe I should read this to you later tonight and see how long it takes for you to pass out. New Mommy strategy – bore her to sleep!!!) So the fact that I got a full time job, that it’s in Tallahassee, and that is actually a job as an interior designer and not selling furniture or something is nothing short of a miracle!!!!

With the awesome new job came an even busier schedule: 40 hours a week at work, a night (maybe two) a week where I would work on homework for 3-4 hours, and weekends full of even more schoolwork, sometimes 20 hours over a weekend. And just when I started working, school was getting harder and harder. So something had to give, and it turned out being (among other things) posting on your blog.

It’s so amazing how much you’ve changed over the past 4 months. I read your 14 month blog post just now and was seriously SHOCKED at how different you are now. You’re still the sweetest thing around, and you still give lots of kisses. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night sometimes, sit up in bed, land a big smooch on my lips, and say, “Mommy!” It’s like it just makes you happy to know that I’m there. And why I’m more than a little reluctant to make the switch over to you sleeping in your crib. I mean, middle of the night exclamations of love are a little hard to turn down.

But other things have changed a LOT! Four months ago, you had just started saying, “Agua.” Oh, boy, have you added to your vocabulary, both Spanish and English. You say mas (and more), you say ojo, oreja, nariz, mano, si (you never say yes, it’s always “si,” but you say it like you’re Castillian, with the “sh”: “shi.”), huevo, pan, mimi (which is kind of slang for sleepy) and I can’t even remember what else you say in Spanish. It’s a lot. And you understand even more. Abuelita can tell you long, complicated directions in Spanish, and you’ll follow them. Oh, yeah! You say, “Corre!” which is “run!” That’s because you’ve heard Abuelita say it so much to Sarah when she says she needs to go to the potty. Which reminds me, you also say, “caca.” You say it for everything. If you pick up a piece of paper on the floor? “Caca.” A ball of kitty fur? “Caca.” Even if you only have a wet diaper, you point at it and say, “Ewwww. Caca.” That’s Sarah’s doing, because she is obsessed with being clean, and some of her little tendencies have rubbed off on you. The good side of that is that you’ve seen her being potty trained, so you’ve wanted to mimic that, and it’s been pretty successful so far! We’re not going at it full-throttle, but you will go pee on the potty every morning right when you wake up, and lately you’ve been better at telling us when you have to go pee during the day. Twice we’ve gotten you to go poop on the toilet, but most of the time you start running to the bathroom saying, “Corre! Corre!” and when we get there, you’ve already pooped. So, you understand what the toilet is for, which is great! Baby steps! (And I’m realizing that you’re going to HATE me for that last paragraph when you’re older. Oh, well!)

You’re sitting on the floor right now eating a snack, and reminding me of some of the other words you can say: color, grape, cheese, ball, um or ums (that’s what you say when you want to nurse), sit (which unfortunately, thanks to your Castillian “s” sounds like “shit”), shirt, meow, kitty, foot, shoe, sock, bye bye, you can kind of say Grandma and Grandpa, Anna (but you say it with a soft “a”: ah-nah), brush, Auntie, Yaya (for Sarah), Mantha (for Samantha), and Barney. Yes, for the purple dinosaur. You still love that giant bastard. And I’ve almost, almost forgiven him for being so obnoxious because he did teach you to do something really, really cute. Thanks to watching Barney, you will do the motions to the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” You’ll clap, stomp, and shout, “Hooray!” and when they say, “then your face will surely show it,” you put your fingers on your cheeks and make little dimples. Frigging PRECIOUS!!!

You can practically run now, you can easily climb up on things, and you’re pretty fearless. You act very much like a tomboy, but you’re still very girly, too. You’re the perfect mix. You love the water. I asked you one day if you wanted to go outside and play in the water. You looked at me almost in shock, as if you were thinking, “Surely, she’s not suggesting we do something so wonderful as play in the water?” and then you asked, incredulously, “AGUA?” The fact that you understand water and agua are the same thing just adds further proof that you are a GENIUS!

You are also really, really well-behaved. You don’t cry very often, you’re always very polite and say, “thank you” all the time (which sounds like “chain choo.”) You’re getting much better at saying, “please.” We had an issue with that the other day which led to Papa starring in an episode of Daddy Discipline Smack Down. But it was effective, and you’ve figured out that saying “please” is a required part of getting something you want.

There’s so much more I could write about, but I’ll save it for later. Bottom line: you’re on an 18 month streak of total freaking awesomeness, and I LOOOOVE you!




2 responses to “18 Months

  1. Yet another, beautiful account of ventures with baby A. 🙂 I still want to hold your precious girl…hopefully one day before she grows too big.

    Congratulations on the new job and also on graduating!!! I bet that feeling must be wonderful.

    Good luck on all your future endeavors…you already seem to be a jack-of-all-trades! 🙂

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