14 Months

Dear Doodle,

That time again already? I’m starting early this month, so maybe I’ll have this letter posted before Easter. We’ll see…..

Okay, proudest moment this month: you and I were unloading from the car down at the dock because we went to see the super moon with your grandparents. Papa stayed at home because he’s a party pooper he was tired from fishing that morning. And in his defense, he had also spent a lot of time grilling us a delicious dinner. (I really just wanted to use that line through the text thing. So clever.) So you and I drove down to the dock. We didn’t walk because I learned my lesson last time: full moon is not necessarily equal to beautiful moonlit walk when your neighborhood has approximately 1.3 million trees. It was creepy.

So, we arrived at the dock, I got you settled into your sling, and then you pointed to your water bottle sitting on top of the trunk and clearly said…….


I didn’t catch it until a few seconds later because it just floated out of your mouth so naturally. You pointed to your water, you used a word to request that water, and that word was in Spanish!!!! It was like the angels from heaven that are in charge of making genius babies had come down at that very moment and surrounded us with their glorious light. I was so freaking proud of you, kid! I was also reminded of how lucky I am that you get to stay with your Abuelita every week who not only loves the stuffing out of you and gives you all the homemade tortillas you can eat, but she also is teaching you Spanish. That is SUCH a blessing!

The cutest thing you’ve been doing lately is giving kisses. You pucker your lips up and push them really far out, then lean in waiting for your intended co-kisser to respond to your request. It is sooooo sweet! You’ll just be sitting around, doing nothing in particular, and then come up to one of us and give us a kiss. Aaaaaah, heavenly! During dinner or lunch, you’ll stop mid-bite, look over at me and your papa or at your grandparents sitting across from you and make the kiss face and then just laugh and laugh. Heart. explosion.

Being around you is like being on some powerful, delicious drug. If we could bottle your essence and sell it, number one, we’d be really, really rich. And number two, I think there would be no more war. How can you be angry and blow things up when you’re surrounded by the most delicious baby who ever lived?

You can say several words besides “agua.” Ball is a frequent one, and you say, “Papa” and “Dada” to your dad. Of course, you say “Mama” to me. You’ve started doing this thing where you do your squint smile, then wave your little finger back and forth and say, “no, no, no.” You picked that up at Abuelita’s. You started doing it just out of mimicry, then realized it made Daddy and Marisol laugh their asses off and kept doing it. Your dad and I are split on how to handle it: he thinks we shouldn’t encourage you to tell people, “No;” I think it’s hysterical and don’t discourage it at all (shhh, don’t tell!) So, when you start telling ME, “No,” I guess I’ll be getting what I deserve! But, seriously, it’s HILARIOUS!!!! Sue me!

You stopped taking bottles last month, which means I got to stop pumping!!! Yay!!! Abuelita tried and tried for days to get you to drink a bottle, and you just weren’t having it. I kept pumping for a few weeks just in case you changed your mind, but you’re done with it. You’ll still nurse several times a day when you’re with me, but expressed milk is no longer on the menu. Neither is cow’s milk. That is literally the ONLY thing you won’t eat. You tried to eat a piece of cat food yesterday, for god’s sake, but you won’t drink milk! And we’ve tried EVERYTHING: warm milk, cold milk, milk with chocolate syrup, milk with strawberry syrup, milk with pancake syrup, milk with a cinnamon stick in it, whole milk, skim milk (which I know is pointless for a kid your age, but I was just testing). You don’t like milk. And you’re still a tiny little peanut and you should really be drinking your milk in this stage of your development, but what can I do? But if that’s our biggest problem, how can we complain?

Milk drinker or not, you are the light of my life, and I love you to bits!

Love, Mommy

P.S. Your hair is starting to get little curls in the back which makes me deliriously happy!


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