13 Months

Dear Doodle,

First of all, yes, I’m going to keep writing you monthly newsletters. At least for now, and as long as it makes sense. Maybe later I’ll write them less frequently in the future (or more frequently when you’re a teenager and I want written records of all the hell you’re putting me through) but for now, we’re keeping them coming every month. And, hey, maybe one month they’ll be on time! (I’ve been writing this one for weeks now!)

Second off, no, I have NO idea why I’ve started calling you Doodle. I still call you Boo Bear, my little booberry, and we also call you Goomba a lot (again, no idea where that came from) but for some reason Doodle has also crept into the mix. Maybe one day we’ll call you something that is a legitimate name. For now, it’s cutesy nonsense because we’re the parents and we can.

Your biggest achievement since last time is that you’re walking! I saw you take steps for the first time the day after your birthday party. We had such an amazing time celebrating your birthday, and I was already pretty worked up emotionally from it all, and also pretty tired, so when you beelined for me and took those three little steps, it was all I could do not to sob. I mean, my baby is growing up! Seeing your achievements makes me simultaneously want to shout from the rooftops how wonderful you are and also kind of makes my heart feel like it is bursting into a million pieces because it’s all just so much.

Within 5 weeks or so, it went from occasional walking to more frequent walking, and then one day, you were done with crawling. Boom. It’s been walking all the time. Seriously,  I think I’ve seen you crawl once in the past week. And having a baby that isn’t so much a baby anymore and is now walking around the house like it’s her job is aging me, first of all, and it’s making me realize even more how quickly this all goes. But dammit if it isn’t just about one of the cutest things in the world to watch your teeny little feet parade around those chunky thighs! You are delicious!

It’s been well over a year of having you as my daughter, and I swear I’m still stopped in my tracks at least half a dozen times a day by the overwhelming feeling of love I have for you. I wish there were some way I could bottle it up and make you understand it later in life when I give you a 10:00 curfew or call you three times a day your first month in college. I just love you so much!!!!

That’s it, basically. I don’t know how many other ways to say that you’re totally the bomb and I would spend the rest of my life with my lips planted on your chubby little cheeks if I could. It would be heavenly……




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