12 Months

Dear Addison,

You are a year old today. A whole freaking year. This is our most giant of milestones, my sweet girl, and I really can hardly believe it’s here already! I still remember the day you were born so vividly, thanks in part to the fact that I typed it all up and that I’ve replayed it in my mind dozens of times over the past year. Last night and this morning, I kept remembering exactly what we were doing at the same time last year. 6:30 pm – sitting down to order pizza and having my first contraction. 12:15 am – hadn’t woken up for my first bathroom trip yet. 6:45 am – in the hospital lobby waiting to go back to triage. 8:04 am – The insane adrenaline rush as we welcomed the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen into the world….

I had so many hopes for you before you were born, from serious things like, “I hope she’s healthy” to more frivolous things like, “I hope she has my blue eyes.” Here’s a little recap of just some of the hopes I had for you and how we’ve fared in our first year.

I hoped you would be healthy – the biggest hope of all. And this gets a HUGE check mark! You’ve had a sniffly nose here and there, but nothing major. When you were only 6 or 8 weeks old, we had to have an ultrasound done on your hips to make sure they were aligned properly, and they were. Seriously, those are the biggest problems we’ve had with you. Unbelievable! You have literally sucked snot off of Sarah’s sick face and not had a single symptom later. We are thinking of having you studied.

I hoped you’d be prettty – CHECK! I mean, have you seen pictures? You are freaking gorgeous! Enough said.

I hoped you’d have my eye color, but not my eye shape – a very specific wish, but another wish granted. I didn’t want you to have my squinty little eyes, and you definitely do not. I guess you dipped back to your Grammy’s genes for those sparklers! Speaking of things you got from your Grammy, I didn’t even think to hope for this one because I didn’t think it was possible – you have the most amazing eyelashes! Seriously, they’re long and dark and thick and beautiful. And until November, I had NO CLUE where you had gotten them. Finally, I saw a picture of your Grammy when she was in high school, and it all made sense. I guess her eyelashes had thinned or something when she got older, but they were beautiful back in the day, and they definitely got passed on to you.

I hoped you’d have a good personality and be a happy baby – Again, giant check! You are such a sweet girl. You wake up happy every single morning. You smile all the time, and you rarely cry. You are so much fun!

I hoped you’d be smart – another biggie, and another wish granted! You are definitely a clever little monkey. People always comment on how “serious” you are, but it’s just that you are very inquisitive and will intently study new things and people. You are learning things even more quickly these days. Last night, I got you to give me a kiss on the lips (your version of kisses to date had been closing your eyes and leaning your forehead against someone. SO CUTE! But not really a kiss.) You had the kiss thing figured out in only a few minutes, and still remembered how to do it today. Oh! You’ve also started trying to put on our shoes instead of just trying to play with them.  You’ve started shaking your head “no,” even though you don’t really know what it means and you’ve gotten really good at waving to people. It’s so amazing to watch all the little connections you’re making.

I hoped you wouldn’t have my giant thighs – um, yeah…. Sorry about that, kid. But on the plus side, you got your dad’s cute little booty (Sorry to gross you out, but he’s got a great tush!) In the Wimberley family, having butt cheeks that have even the slightest amount of protrusion is unheard of. Your voluptuousness is awe-inspiring. Abuelita, Papi and I regularly joke that “we just want to smack it!” when we change your diapers. I know it seems completely inappropriate to talk about how cute my kid’s butt is, but whatever. I’m gonna enjoy it as long as I can because one day that thing will be a major hassle to deal with. (Hello, teen years!)

I hoped you would love me and that we’d have a good relationship – This is the thing that has probably made me the happiest of all. The two of us are like peas and carrots, kid. You light up when I enter the room and you always want to be with me – sometimes to the point of clingyness, but that’s okay. I know this is another thing that will change when the teen years hit us, but for now we’re super best friends and I absolutely love it.

Addison, I say it all the time, and I’ll say it until the end of time: I love every little thing about you, and I’m thankful for every single second I have gotten to be your mommy. Having you as my daughter is like getting a birthday present every day.

I love you so much, angel. Happy, happy birthday!




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