11 Months

Dear Addison,

Um, yeah. This letter is about, oh……. twenty days late. My bad. But last month was a bit of a doozy, and I’ve been trying to play catch-up. First, the crap part of last month: Christmas was LAME. I mean, super-duper-stomach-bug-vomiting-and-major-poop-issues lame. Fortunately, we got a tree before the violent illness hit, so you had some semblance of a Christmas. But two days after getting the tree, you and I had to move out of the house to get away from your daddy because he was super sick. But then I still wound up getting sick the night before Christmas Eve. We wound up spending Christmas Eve at your grandparents’ house and Daddy was home all by himself. I never thought that we wouldn’t have our first Christmas morning with you in our own house. But, honestly, in the end, it didn’t matter, and you had a blast! You got to play with lots of crinkly paper and you got some great toys from all your grandparents.

First up was this really cool tricycle thing from Grandpa Randy and Grandma Fran. It came with a toy cell phone attached, and we all immediately questioned the message they’re sending to children. I mean, driving and talking so soon? Bad idea. I thought about just cutting the phone off of the trike, but I didn’t. And of course, you love the damn phone and even act like you’re talking on it while you’re on the trike. So, you’re not getting your driver’s license any time soon!

Mimi and Grandma Lyssa got you a school bus toy that you LOOOOOOVE. You get flappy arms when you play with it because you’re so excited. Your dad isn’t in love with it so much because, of course, it plays music and makes noise. I mean, hello? It’s a children’s toy! But I will admit, the woman’s voice that sings on the toy is kind of obnoxious. However, watching you play with it counteracts any obnoxiousness.

Finally, you got a toy called a Walk n’ Ride from Papi, Abuelita and the girls. Sarah has a toy like it and you love it, so they got you one of your very own. You can either ride on it, or you can convert it to walk behind it. You can get on and off of it like a pro, but a lot of times you wind up on it backwards. You will walk behind it, but you still can’t quite balance without putting a lot of your weight on the little car so your weight makes the car zoom in front of you and it’s kind of hilarious to watch you try to keep up with it. A lot of times you’ll push it on your knees because you balance better that way. No matter what toy you are playing with, most of the time you are jabbering away, or you have a big smile on your face. You are such a happy kid!

Now for the GREAT part about last month: we got a new house. I don’t think I can fully convey how amazing that is in words. First off, we were living in a tiny little townhouse that was cute, but CRAMPED! It was always a disaster because we didn’t have enough room to store things, and there was nowhere for you to play outside. Our new house is almost twice as big as the old house, and it has an AMAZING yard! Well, two amazing yards because the front and back are both great. It even came with a play set that’s going to be awesome once your daddy fixes it up a little.

Besides the townhouse being tiny, I was driving two hours every day round trip between home, Havana (for you to stay with Abuelita) and work. On days I didn’t work, I would drive over to Grandpa Randy and Grandma Fran’s in the afternoon so they could watch you and I could work on my thesis. That was another hour of driving. Our new house is less than 15 minutes from Papi and Abuelita, and it’s……wait for it……….. 3 tenths of a mile from your grandparents! We’re in the same neighborhood!!! On afternoons they watch you and the weather is nice, I just walk you down the hill on your little trike, then they walk you back up at the end of the day. The first time I saw them walking you up the hill, I almost cried I was so happy.

Getting a new house has completely changed the life you’re going to have. First of all, we never, ever thought we’d be able to buy a house this nice, and never even dreamed we would live in the same neighborhood as your grandparents. Now you’ll get to grow up somewhere with tons of space to play, both inside and out. You’ll be able to see your grandparents whenever you want, and you’ll be able to spend more time with Papi and Abuelita and the girls because we’re closer to them. Plus, we’re closer to your Auntie M and Uncle Ken – and new cousin, Anna! (We’ll talk about that later.) Our neighborhood has a playground, tennis courts, and a dock that goes out to the lake. You’ll be able to go fishing with your daddy all the time!

Last year, I wished that we had a “real” house so when you turned one, we could have a big birthday party for you. Next Saturday, we’re going to have the party I dreamed about, and I still can’t believe it and couldn’t be more thankful. You are going to get to grow up in an amazing house in an awesome neighborhood with family close by. You are such a lucky kid, and I’m so happy that some of my dreams for you are already coming true.

I love you, Booberry!

Love, Mommy


your first trip up the hill on your trike with Grandma and Grandpa.

Could you be cuter?

On your Walk-N-Ride.

See video of Addison playing with her schoolbus here


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