9 Months


I’m a little late in writing you this month, and I’m really sorry. I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had a minute to sit down and write. The main culprit is a looming school deadline. (Sidenote: I hope when, years from now, you read these letters, that all of my schooling will have been worth it. Because right now it is seriously working me over.)

Things haven’t really changed a ton this month. You’re still a delightful little ray of sunshine. I don’t want to repeat myself and talk about how wonderful I think you are. Again. But, I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much FUN you are! Watching you barrel through the house at top crawling speed. The way your face lights up any time you’re within an arm’s reach of Ringo. First thing in the morning when you wake up with a smile on your face and are full of snuggles. I just love being with you. Sure, sometimes I get tired and really want some “me” time. But I always miss you when you’re gone. On days when I’m away from you, I get all jittery with butterflies in my stomach the closer it is to the end of the day. I can’t wait to pick you up and see you again!

A week or so ago, when I walked in the door at Papi’s house, you almost squealed when you saw me, then you started bouncing up and down on your knees and flapping your arms around with a big smile on your face. I know that sounds kind of like you were having some sort of seizure, but seriously, you were SO excited to see me. And I’m not gonna lie: it TOTALLY made my day. Really, it kind of made my life. It’s just the best feeling to know that you are (maybe?) as crazy about me as I am about you. It’s like having a crush on someone and finally finding out they like you back. (Which I hope you know nothing about at least until you’re 20. Unrealistic? Can we shoot for at least 14? I think I may have gotten my first gray hair just thinking about the prospect of you being a teenager in love.)

I’m sure there’s plenty more I could say, but I really want to stop writing so I can go pick you up from your Papi’s house and smother you with hugs and kisses. Besides, it would all boil down to this: You make every minute of my day better and I love you more than I love brownies. (And you know how much Mommy loves a brownie. I’m sure that won’t have changed by the time you learn how to read!)





One response to “9 Months

  1. Takes some doing to write this & hit the ‘gorgeous with a heaping dollop of funny’ mark. Lovely stuff =) love the part about the flappy arms.

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