8 Months

My dear little Booberry,

This past month just FLEW by! I think it’s because we’ve been so busy – visiting your Grammy every other Saturday, work and school and all the hours in the car every day (plus the weekend we went up to Asheville – I’ll post about that separately.) We’re busy little bees, and you especially, what with all the growing and changing you’re doing.

Cutest change this month: you can wave! Sweet heartbreaking Jesus, it is the cutest thing EVER!!!! Every single person, upon seeing you wave for the first time, has immediately sighed, “Aaaaaaaaawwwwwww” while their face melted into a look of sheer adoration. You, my child, are preciousness personified. When people ask how you’re doing, I tell them, “Oh, you haven’t heard? She’s the center of the UNIVERSE!” And you are.

Your Auntie Sarah definitely thinks you are the greatest. On days when you aren’t with Abuelita, Sarah walks through the house saying, “Ad-die?” (it sounds like two words when she says it) and trying to find you. On Tuesday morning when I dropped you off, Sarah pushed Samantha away from you when Sam was trying to give you a kiss. She looked pissed, like, “Don’t you touch her. She’s MINE!”

Sarah won’t let you take naps. After 10 minutes of wondering where you are, she sneaks down the hall, opens her bedroom door, and starts rocking the bars on the crib and saying, “Ad-die!” over and over again until you wake up. It’s sweet and well intended, plus it’s making you sleep more at night, so I’m all for her loving torture!

Your Daddy and I love being around you so much that we’ve officially given up on putting you in your crib at night. You’re just so sweet and snuggly and we’re all so happy in bed together that we don’t want it to end. (Any comments regarding disagreement with the practice of bed-sharing can be forwarded to pretty much every relative we have. I think they’ve started a group.) Morning times are still your best times – you have the “morning whispers,” as I like to call them, where you wake up and start jabbering, but it’s in a whisper voice, so it sounds like, “psh shhh. whoooo. ssshhhhh.” One of us will always make the joke from the movie “Elf” – “I like to whisper, too!”

You’ve also been working on giving high fives. It’s usually a little hit or miss, but last night at dinner, you had a breakthrough.  There were two ladies sitting in the booth behind us, and they didn’t mind that you were climbing me like a monkey and peeking over into their booth. Then the lady closest to us held her hand out and asked for a high five. Your dad has been trying so diligently to get you to give high fives, and right now you’ll only give a “five” if the person’s hand is held out straight, palm up (you don’t get the hand in the air thing yet) and even then it doesn’t happen every time. But this time, you nailed it! You gave her three smacks on the palm, and then when she asked for a repeat, you did it again! Your papa was SOOO proud! He yelled out, “Only 8 months old! My baby is a GENIUS!”

The most difficult change this month is one we’ve been waiting for for awhile: you have teeth! 4 as of today! Two weeks ago, there was nothing. All of sudden, you had one little tooth on the bottom. Next thing we know, there’s a big tooth peaking in up top, another tooth springs up on the bottom, and the other top tooth finally broke through tonight. You’ve handled teething like a champ. The only time we really notice is at night, because you’re a lot more upset at bed time, and your crying has taken on a bit of a shriek on the nights you have a tooth coming through. Also, you’ve been rubbing your ears a little bit, but we think that’s the teething, too. We’ve given you Tylenol and things to chew on for the pain, but it’s been pretty easy. I mean, the shrieking kind of makes me want to poke my eardrums out, but I know you’re crying because you’re in pain, not something stupid (like I walked out of the room, which you have started doing lately. Can we talk about the clingyness in a minute?) so it’s more tolerable. I know that seems mean, but it’s true.

Okay, the clingy thing – you have started crying when I walk out of the room. Not every time, but it’s definitely something that happens pretty frequently and something that’s developed over the past month or so. I just ignore it and go about my business because I don’t want you to become a clingy mess, and you usually stop crying pretty quickly, so I don’t think it’s a huge problem. I’m actually kind of shocked that you’ve become clingy. I mean, I spend three days a week away from you (either at work or working on my thesis) and I’m only with you until 1:30 on Mondays and Fridays. One of my biggest worries every time I have to start spending more time away from you is that we’re going to lose our bond. So far that hasn’t happened and I’m so beyond grateful for that.

I love you, my little Boo Bear, and I’m grateful for every single minute with you, whether it’s a minute where you’re giving high fives and waving hello or a minute where you’re crying over a new tooth, every minute is amazing.

Love, Mommy


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