behind the scenes

This month, I took Addison’s month-by-month pictures at my dad’s house. He’s got a great big yard with lots of grass, so I thought it was the perfect spot now that Addison can sit up. Samantha was my assistant photographer for these pictures. She’s a very helpful little sister and an awesome aunt, even though she’s only 5.  Samantha adores Addison, and makes up things that Addison says to her. Addison will squeal something in Samantha’s direction, and Sam will say, “Sissy! She said she loves me!” or “Sissy! She said I’m pretty!” usually in a kinda high pitched voice with a hint of surprise behind it. It’s precious and hilarious. (Addison never says anything negative to Samantha, by the way.) One of Samantha’s nicknames for Addison is “White Girl.” You can look at the picture and see why. My poor little ghost baby.

Samantha wanted to be in the pictures with Addison, which is surprising since she usually shies away from being in photographs. Prime example: for my sister’s wedding, Samantha refused to be in any pictures and hid behind all of us. She also refused to take off her sunglasses the whole time, even during the ceremony. Such the diva. Looking at this picture, I have no idea why she wouldn’t want to be photographed. How gorgeous is this kid?

She also insisted on taking a picture of Addison and I together. And she wasn’t using a little point and shoot, either. We have a big Canon Rebel DSLR. I had to adjust the aperture for her to make sure the pictures weren’t too light or dark, but she did the rest. Not a bad photograph, even for a 5 year old.


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