You just woke up from your nap after about five minutes of sleep, presumably because Ringo was perched beside the open window chirping at some bird or squirrel. I thought I could sneak out of the room to let you go back to sleep, but you started to cry, so I picked you up. Instead of being wide awake and ready to party, as you usually are after any amount of sleep, you snuggled your head into my shoulder and just laid there. I couldn’t tell if your eyes were open or not, and it didn’t matter if you were falling back asleep. I realized that this was one of a million little moments that I’ll never get back. All I could do was hold you tight, kissing your soft little head and the parts of your little neck I could reach and I was thinking over and over again, “I just want to stop here. Just for a little while. She’s growing up too fast. Just let me keep holding her. Let things stay just like this for a little bit longer. Just stop it all for a little while.” Of course, the world didn’t stop, and now you’re awake, sitting on the living room rug and playing with your measuring spoons, so cute I can hardly stand it, and every time I look over at you, your face lights up with a giant, chubby-cheeked grin. And I just want it to stop here. Just for a little while……


3 responses to “Stop.

  1. I know the moments. And the feeling I had just reading this….stop.

  2. amen, sister! whenever Luke finishes eating he’s always so snuggly… I SO wish I could stuff those moments into a bottle & save them for later. …when all he wants to do is run around the house & squirms every time I try to hold him still.

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