5 Months

Dear Addie,

My little Boo Bear, Boo-bah, Boolicious, you just keep getting better! At this rate, by the time you’re a year old, I’m just going to be laying on the floor, twitching and mumbling, “Too cute. Cuteness. Can’t. Take. Cuuuuute.”  Where to begin with the cuteness this month? Your laugh is pretty hilarious. And a little weird. If you hear it from another room, it’s kind of hard to tell whether you’re laughing or about to cry. But when you see it in person, it is totally delightful. It’s still a little inconsistent, though. Something that makes you laugh for five solid minutes one day (like giving you reverse raspberries on your belly button) will get crickets the next day. The last thing that made you laugh really hard was your daddy leaning in and giving you crazy kisses all over your cheeks. I think part of it was that his beard scruff was tickling you and he was making silly faces, but you just laughed and laughed and laughed. Crazy kid.

Speaking of your daddy, you guys got to spend some major quality time together this month. Your Grammy was sick (she still is sick, and will be sick the rest of her life, but hopefully the rest of her life will include a lot of your life, too, because she’s not too sick to smother you in loves and kisses – “shoogies” as she calls them. We can discuss her weird vocabulary another time) and I had to spend a lot of time away from you. So your daddy stepped up to the plate and took over baby duty, the first time for a very, very long day, and the next time for 3 days in a row. He took it pretty well, especially considering that he was basically stuck in a hotel room in Pensacola for three days. Thank God the World Cup was on and the US was doing well, because you two were watching it for almost the entirety of those three days. So much soccer action that now I think your first word may be “GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!” That or some profane statement he yelled at the TV while watching all this soccer, so really “GOAL” would be a great first word compared to the other options.

You went to the pool for the first time this month and handled it really, really well. The first time, we went to the public pool with Dan and Leslee and all the Shapiros. I was so proud of you because it was the first time you had been in water that cold, and you didn’t cry at all! You clung to me like a little tree frog the whole time, but you didn’t freak out, so that was a big success as far as I was concerned. We were only in the water for about 10 minutes that day because we got rained out, but we went to the pool at the hotel in Pensacola, and you really seemed to enjoy it! The water was nice and warm, and we didn’t have to worry about the sun because it was late in the day. You just relaxed and looked all around. Daddy and Uncle Ken both took you on a tour of the pool, and Auntie M held you for awhile, too. We went to the pool twice while we were there, but the first time, I didn’t have any swim diapers, so you went swimming in a regular diaper. That thing swelled up to a GIGANTIC size and probably weighed about 5 pounds when I took it off of you. It was pretty amazing. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too worried you were going to freak out the first time, and at the hotel, we just were relaxing and didn’t get wrapped up in picture taking. However, this weekend we’re going to the pool with Dan and Leslee again, and this time, we’re taking pictures, because you are soooooo cute in your little hat and little swimsuit!

You have been playing with a new toy over at Grandpa Randy and Grandma Fran’s house that was handed down from your cousin, Jane. It’s this giant play thing with a seat in the middle that turns 360 degrees and is surrounded with a bunch of different activities. It’s got a barnyard theme, so there are these little pigs that are supposed to pop up and a thing with ducks inside that you like to spin with your hands. It plays music, there’s a plastic book whose pages you like to flip, and you can bounce in it. Your Daddy calls it “The Enterprise,” like on Star Trek. It was just a matter of time before one of those Kautzes started making Star Trek references…

I think your two biggest achievements this month are #1 finding your feet and #2 your constant babbling. You found your feet while you were at home with your Daddy, and he took pictures so I could see it (which was very nice of him!) You were in your car seat, with both of your legs spread apart and up in the air. This led to theories about your future career path, the nicest of which was a yoga instructor. We’ll leave it at that. As for the babbling, oh, my gracious, the babbling. You’ve always been a little chatty, especially when your Auntie is around. She says you have very important things to tell her. But this past month, you are jabbering non stop. Most days you jabber on the way home in the car for most of the ride (until you fall asleep.) I’ve heard you babble for 30 minutes without stopping. And you like to interject a little squeal in every now and then. Your jabbering has almost sounded like “hi,” “mama,” and “dada,” (probably largely in part to wishful thinking) but no actual words yet. And I have a feeling I’m going to look back and say,”Oh sweet LORD, do you remember when this kid couldn’t talk??? Those were the days….”

So that’s all for now. You’re still cute and getting cuter every day. You’re still making every moment better than the last. And you still make me think I’m the luckiest mom in the world to have a baby like you.




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