Beachy Birthday

Back in May, we went to New Smyrna Beach to celebrate Aaron’s dad’s 60th birthday. New Smyrna is Randy’s old stompin’ grounds, and he didn’t want a big party, so we all headed to the beach for the milestone event.

I’m a big believer in the importance of photographing big events, so I suggested a family photo shoot on the beach as a way to commemorate the day. We got a big chunk of the family involved, including Fran’s brother and sister-in-law from Ohio, and Melissa and Ken, who Fran and Randy have basically adopted. Randy’s sister and her husband were with us, but unfortunately cousin Nolan and family were out of the country.

Most importantly present (besides the birthday boy himself) were Aaron’s grandparents. Around Christmas, Helen wasn’t doing well and we ran down to Daytona to see her, perhaps for the last time. Thankfully, she proved the doctors wrong and has made it to meet her second great-granddaughter and beyond!

I’ve included some favorite pictures taken by the photographer, plus some pictures we took throughout the weekend. I’m not going to tell anyone’s age (besides the birthday boy), but I want you to take a close look at all the Kautzes and tell me they don’t all look AT LEAST a decade younger than they are! Man, they have got some great genes. I’m going to be looking like a hag at 60, and Aaron will probably look younger than me at age 70, and still be sexy. At least I’ll have some eye candy, huh?

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