Blast from the Past

This is too funny! When I switched over to WordPress, I saw this unpublished post just hanging out. I was trying to get a blog post together after having Addison, and obviously got distracted. It’s a litte late, but it is a nice look back at what was going on after we had our little Boo Bear.
Well, it’s about time I got back to this whole blogging thing, and I would feel guilty about my long absence if it weren’t for, oh, I don’t know, squeezing a baby out and then feeding her about 1,000 times a day for the past 19 days. I’ll try to catch everyone up on things a little at a time.

The hour or so after the delivery is kind of a blur. I was really, really excited and had a pretty big adrenaline rush. I had expected to cry, but I couldn’t stop smiling! And besides, Aaron had the tears thing handled for me. (Poor guy cried for three days. Seriously.) Right after I delivered, they let us hang out and hold the baby for about an hour, which was nice because it kept me distracted from all the post-labor work they had to do on me. I was so pumped up that I actually fielded phone calls from the Comcast cable guy (who was supposed to be headed to our house to fix the cable) and from my OBGYN office (I had missed my appointment that morning, obviously, and they were calling to check on me) while Aaron was busy calling our family members.

Before the delivery, I had put all these elaborate plans in place (shocker!) about how we would contact everyone and give them updates on how my labor and delivery were progressing. My sister was lined up to place phone calls to our parents and update the Twitter account that I had created especially for the occasion so all of our friends would be in the loop. Aaron and I had agreed on the way to the hospital that we would call people when we got to the hospital and they confirmed that I was actually in labor (have I mentioned this post how far in denial we obviously were?) When they instead confirmed that I was about 2 seconds from having the baby come out, there was no time for the phone calls.
Imagine everyone’s surprise when they started getting phone calls from us saying, “No, she’s not in labor – we already had the baby!” I think initially everyone thought it was a prank call. Once we convinced them that we were serious, everyone booked it to the hospital. My dad probably set some sort of record for getting Marisol and the girls ready and out of the house, a feat that usually takes several hours. They were practically waiting at our room when we got there. Everyone kept telling me that I looked great, which I discovered was a total lie after visiting the bathroom mirror, but I did feel pretty great!
Here’s the thing about the days after we had the baby – the days were pretty wonderful, hours spent staring at the cutest baby to ever grace the planet, rehashing the details of our awesome labor and delivery with Aaron, showing off Little Miss Cuteness to all her adoring visitors. I was recovering quite nicely, and only wound up taking an extra strength ibuprofen the second afternoon because my back was hurting. I think my adrenaline from the delivery lasted well into the second day. The problem with the days after we had the baby are that they are accompanied by nights. For some reason, and I think it’s the same with all newborns, nights totally SUCK!!!
Aaron was completely miserable trying to sleep on the floor (the tiny sofa bed thing in the room looked like some sort of crime had been committed on the cushions plus it was uncomfortable .) I was having to attempt to feed the baby every 3 hours (I say “attempt” because she wasn’t getting the breastfeeding thing right away) and the hospital staff seemingly timed all of their intrusions into our room between these feedings when we were trying to sleep. Between feedings, vitals checks on me, vitals checks on the baby, and about a million other interruptions, we barely got any sleep. On top of that, Addison didn’t want to sleep at night and insisted someone hold her. Both nights in the hospital, Aaron actually got up around 2:00 (after barely sleeping himself) and held the baby, walking and rocking and singing to keep her happy so I could get a few hours of sleep without her laying on my chest.
By Wednesday, we were DYING to get home and away from the constant interruptions of the hospital. Of course, we were a little afraid about getting her in the car seat for the first time. We were also worried about how Ringo would react when we brought her home……
That’s as far as I got. And just so I don’t leave you with a cliffhanger, we got her in the car seat just fine, and so far Ringo hasn’t eaten her alive. But her thighs are looking awfully delicious lately…..

2 responses to “Blast from the Past

  1. Didn’t know you had a blog!!! Yippee!!

  2. Ivy, I didn’t know YOU have a blog! Can’t wait to read it! And feel free to hit me up with baby questions or labor questions or anything else. Soooo excited for you! 🙂

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