my mother’s day

I raked in quite the haul for my first Mother’s Day! From Addison and Ringo (via Aaron of course) a pretty trio of candles in beautiful red bowls (my favorite color), a trio of pear scented soaps, and a brand new, super fancy DVD player. I had missed watching my collection of DVDs since my old DVD player died, and we have had a beautiful, giant TV in the living room for months, but I hadn’t gotten to watch any of my movies on it. I’m seeing a beautiful future for myself, filled with chick flicks and season after season of Gilmore Girls!

From my in-laws, I got a sizeable contribution toward refilling my gas tank in the form of a BP gas card (I’m on the road a lot taking Addison to their house or my dad’s house for day care while I’m at work.) And from my sister, the newest esthetician at Millennium Nail and Day Spa , a certificate for a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, a Spa Manicure, and a Spa Pedicure.

But the absolute best gift (and everyone that gave me a gift agrees) was a total, out of the blue surprise (the best kind, as I’ve already mentioned here.) Fran’s sister-in-law, Debbie, is a very talented sewer, and unbeknownst to me, had started to make something special for us while I was still pregnant. Fran gave her some basic information: we were incorporating some owl elements into the nursery, the nursery walls are painted light blue, and I really love the color orange. Debbie used this information to select materials that she turned into the most beautiful quilt and diaper bag I have ever seen, and sent it to my in-laws’ house in time for Mother’s Day. The owl fabric she used was already one of my favorites (thanks to a gift set of bloomers, bib and burp cloth in the same fabric from my friend, Jessie), and the combination of fabrics Debbie used with it is absolutely inspired. The craftmanship is incredible, and she does this FOR A HOBBY! This isn’t even what she does for a living. I am still completely amazed. I actually teared up a little, especially when I saw the placard embroidered on one of the corners with Addison’s name and birth information. I assure you, my poor photography skills do NOT do these things justice.

Debbie, you have a gift, and I am so, so grateful that you shared it with me, Aaron and our sweet baby girl.


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