Today is not only my first Mother’s Day, but it is my sister’s first wedding anniversary (Happy anniversary, Ken and Melissa!) When you get married, you should think it’s the best day of your life (if you did it right!). I felt that way when Aaron and I got married three years ago, and I know Melissa felt the same way last year when she married Ken (see pictures here – it was amazing!)

I don’t know if the day I had Addison topped my wedding day in importance, because technically without the wedding, I wouldn’t have her. However, it definitely ties my wedding day as the best day of my life, but for totally different reasons. With a wedding, you know pretty much what you can expect, because there’s so much planning involved. I planned my wedding for a year, and we planned Melissa’s for 18 months. Besides a few surprises here and there (like forgetting the remote for the sound system and not having any wedding music, which happened last year) you pretty much know what you’re going to get. When you have a baby, there’s only so much you can plan for (and believe me, I tried to plan for EVERYTHING.) The rest is a surprise.

And here’s the thing about surprises: I love being truly surprised – when something comes out of the blue and just blows you away. Getting engaged was a true surprise, and it was an amazing feeling. But things that are expected surprises (i.e. “I can’t tell you what you’re getting for your birthday – it’s a SURPRISE!”), well, they suck! They aren’t really surprises, they’re just torture. Someone knows something you don’t and won’t tell you what it is. I see no fun in that. Which is why I harass my sister and my husband every year to tell me what they’re getting me for Christmas or my birthday and probably drive them a little bit insane. This is also the same reason I have a really hard time waiting to give people their presents. I have to fight every urge in my body not to give someone their gift the day I buy it. Patience is not my strong suit, obviously.

So anticipating childbirth was kind of like waiting for a “surprise” gift, except that no one can tell you the day you’re going to finally receive the gift, and to get the gift you have to squeeze it out of your lady parts. Why would anyone ever want that kind of present? Turns out it’s because it’s basically the best present you can ever get. NOTHING tops it – not a new car when you turn 16, not a cute kitty for your anniversary, not a sparkly diamond engagement ring. And I think that having to wait in anticipation for so long and work so hard to get it just makes it better.

Everything about having a baby has been a surprise. Surprise! You’re 10 cm dilated even though you just walked in the hospital doors. Surprise! You just totally kicked ass delivering the most beautiful baby ever put on the planet. Surprise! You CAN live off of only 2 hours of sleep at a time. Surprise! That beautiful baby you had 3 months ago just took a projectile poo that is now dripping from everything within a 3 foot arc, including two vintage Anna Castelli storage pieces, the wall, and your legs. Surprise! All of a sudden your life is nothing but surprises, and you’re loving every  minute of it.


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  1. I wish your blog had a “Like” button. : ) I love everything about this post! Well said, friend. Well said.

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