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I’ve spent some time over the past week putting together a photo book on Shutterfly chronicling my pregnancy. Mainly it’s all of my blog entries, plus a bunch of extra pictures. I think it will be a great memento of my pregnancy that I can enjoy and also that Addison can enjoy later on. It will be especially useful if she ever has a baby of her own, I think.

Re-reading all of my blog entries has made me very nostalgic and has also made me regret not doing more blog entries since Addison has been born. It’s really nice to remember all the fun little things (and some not so little and not so fun things) that happened over the course of my pregnancy. There are definitely way more fun little things going on since she has been born, but these things don’t exactly leave time for writing blog entries. And finding the desire to write up a creative blog entry in the down time between nursing, diaper changes and trying to shove some food in my face doesn’t happen very often.

Even though it’s difficult, I am going to start making an effort to write more blog entries. I’d like to hit 1 per week, but we’ll see how it goes. However, I AM going to start Twittering about what Addison’s up to (I need to use that account for something, huh?) This should be a lot easier than sitting down and typing up a blog and will let me keep track of all the special things that happen day to day. If you’d like to sign up for these Twitter updates, see this post for instructions. Or you can go to


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