Playing Catch Up

Okay, I have been trying to write a blog entry to catch everyone up on happenings since we had the baby, (I originally sat down to write this “catch up” blog on February 21st. I’m totally making progress!) As a compromise to a full disclosure blog entry of everything that’s been happening (which would be just as likely as winning the lottery), I am going to list some important things about the baby and also some important events from the past 5 weeks.
  • Addison has a head FULL of hair. We still can’t believe it, especially since I was the baldest baby on the planet. (Mama, I should have let you buy her the baby brush. I’m sorry, and you were right.)
  • She does this weird thing where she’ll close her right eye and open her left, which has led us to affectionately call her “Our Little Popeye”
  • Ringo hasn’t freaked out on us! He’s still sleeping in the bed with us every night, and will come running to check things out when the baby has one of her serious crying fits. He’s even helped oversee a few diaper changes. He did, however, give her knee a curious little kitty bap with his paw about two weeks ago. Let’s just say he won’t be doing that again if he knows what’s good for him and where his yummies come from.
  • Aaron discovered her favorite song so far, a dance mix track by this guy BT, called “Loving You More.” He has also discovered that she doesn’t seem to like Indian music, which bummed him out.
  • She makes this funny noise that’s kind of a stuttering sigh that sounds, as Aaron described it, “Like when you’re trying to squeeze the last of the mustard out of the bottle.”
  • This kid makes the cutest little smush faces when she’s kind of asleep, especially right after I’ve finished nursing her, and she puts her hands up near her face in these little Glamour Shot poses like she’s about to be photographed. Or sometimes like she’s lying in state at her funeral. Morbid, but kind of dramatically funny.
  • Aaron is much better at calming Addison down than I am. In the hospital, he could just talk to her and she would stop crying. Maybe it’s the bass in his voice.
  • She lost her umbilical cord stump thing really early – it was gone by her 2 am feeding the Sunday after we brought her home.
  • Her first overnight visit was to meet her Mimi (Aaron’s mom) and Grammy (my mom) and she did really well, up until the whole sleeping at night thing. Three hours of wailing baby and Mama and Nana STILL wanted us to stay longer. Crazy grandmas…
  • She handles baths really, really well – thank you sweet baby Jesus!
  • I still haven’t cut her fingernails! I’ve been trying to build up the courage while keeping her hands covered as much as possible. And don’t worry, she doesn’t have talons – I’ve nibbled the ones that needed nibbling down.
  • Auntie M got the privilege of being Addison’s first babysitter (shocker!) and is watching her on the afternoons I have class. I don’t know who loves it more – me, for not having to worry about the baby while I’m away, Melissa because she gets some QT with the baby, or Addison because Melissa apparently has an infinitely snuggly bosom that she will camp out on for hours.
  • This kid has some serious mood swings – Tuesday I was having an emotional meltdown because she would NOT let me put her down, and this was on top of the fact that we still can’t get her to sleep in her co-sleeper at night (she will sleep in three places – in her car seat, in her swing, or in someone’s arms) so I had literally been holding her for over 24 hours. Then Wednesday, she was amazing and I barely held her all day! She even slept in her co-sleeper a little this morning! I fully expect that this good behavior won’t continue. I’m no fool.
  • I can’t stop kissing her! Right now, she’s asleep in her sling (which I’m wearing in a perfectly safe manner, don’t let the news reports freak you out!) and I have to lean down every few minutes and kiss her smushy little face. It’s too irresistible! And she’s in her sling because she woke up from her swing nap screaming bloody murder for no apparent reason and it took me 15 minutes to calm her down by holding her. See, I told you I knew the good behavior wouldn’t continue.
  • She’ll go for about 4 hours between her feedings at night, so I’m getting a good 6 hours or so of sleep. Still nowhere near my ideal 9 – 10 hours, but that ship has sailed until this kid turns 18. At least.
  • So far, we haven’t experienced any total meltdowns while we’ve been out and about – she’s tolerated several restaurants, the mall, the downtown farmers’ market and tons of trips to Publix, Target and Babies R Us.
  • She’s started to smile! She smiled at Aaron a few times on Monday (his birthday!) and on Wednesday, she smiled at me. It’s still pretty elusive, but we’re positive it’s not just gas. Hoping to see it continue a lot more soon.
  • Most importantly, she’s absolutely GORGEOUS and we couldn’t possibly be more in love with her. Even at 4 in the morning.

a picture of her from this morning in her cutie little elephant sleeper

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