All Boys Allowed

For our “big” baby shower, I decided (and convinced Aaron) that we should go co-ed. There were several reasons I thought this was a good idea: #1 – I’m not one of those girly-girls that wants to sit around and play those crazy baby shower games and eat tiny little tea sandwiches and be surrounded entirely by pink. #2 – I’m not the only one having this baby! Aaron is just as involved as I am (I mean, except for not having a giant uterus with a baby in it) and he deserves to celebrate just as much as I do. Plus his friends are cool and open-minded and won’t have an aneurism if they have to do something that doesn’t involve sporting events and crushing beer cans on their heads.

So, my sweet sister and my three surrogate parents / best friends (and former employers) Mark, Paula and Leslie threw us an awesome co-ed baby shower disguised as a cocktail party this past weekend. Melissa took care of the invitations and the decor, Mark and Paula did the food (of course!) and Leslie provided the location and the booze. They get extra brownie points for hosting this shower on the coldest weekend I think Tallahassee has ever experienced – it was in the teens that night, and the high temperature was maybe 45 degrees. Brrrrrrr!

Special thanks to Jessie for being my dedicated paparazzo for the evening and taking all these awesome pictures!!! Of course, as with all parties, the evening went by too fast and we didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted with everyone (or get pictures with everyone), but thank you ALL for coming and helping us celebrate. We have the BEST friends!

with Leslie
my “sissies” helping me with our gifts
Morgan, the life of the party, especially when she busted out “Mr. Roboto”. And a special shout-out to Morgan’s mommy, Susanna, for driving them up all the way from Naples. Now that’s love!
flip flops from our favorite beach worshipper, Leslie

getting baby advice from Kelly and Conner (and doing God knows what with my hand)

how cute is my hubby?

With Aunt Wanda, Tracy and Jason

Daddy and all his girls

Excited Future Grandpa

yummy food! They did an awesome job at making sure the menu was low carb and okay for my diet

Mark and Paula, my two favorite chefs

with future “Grandma Fran”

Chatting with my mom and Nana

With Nana and Pepa. I’m their second Grandchild, and Addison will be their second Great-Grandchild.

the Kautzes

Jessie, crouching down to give the belly some love

Dan, Leslee (our doula) and Sondra. Dan and Leslee are expecting baby #1 in July!!!

showing off the bellies


One response to “All Boys Allowed

  1. I LOVE the pictures. They turned out great! Especially the last one with the bellies! =)-Jessie

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