What to Expect: Week 37

This is it, people! The big kahuna, the final fruit, the moment we’ve all been waiting for….. the baby is officially a watermelon! Now, I have expressed my concerns about the accuracy of these comparisons in the past and have decided it’s more of a length thing than a weight thing (especially since the doctor guessed that the baby weighs between 6 – 6 1/2 lbs right now, which would be a pretty tiny watermelon.) However, if you count the size and weight of all the extras (uterus, amniotic fluid, placenta… yummy visuals, I know!) I think watermelon is pretty right on. This girl is HEAVY! A quick stroll through the mall with Melissa yesterday pretty much wore me out. And the overall swelling is surely adding to me feeling huge – I can’t wear my rings anymore, and most days of the week I have what Aaron and I affectionately call “Hobbit Feet.” Oh, yeah, I’m super sexy!
As of tomorrow, January 15, the baby is officially full term. That means that she can safely be born at any time without being considered premature or having any of the risks associated with prematurity. When most people discover that I’m only 3 weeks from my due date, they ask me, “Are you ready?” assuming that at this point the “giant pregnant woman just dying to get this freakin’ watermelon out of her I don’t care how you do it!” stereotype is in play. Well, although it is watermelon-esque, the belly isn’t unbearably huge, and as I’ve said before, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant. So as far as I’m concerned, this kid can keep marinating until her due date (or anytime in the following week) and I will be perfectly happy.
As far as that whole “ready” thing, um, yeah….. Is anyone every really READY for this? Practically, we have pretty much all the “stuff” we need for the baby (thanks to our awesome baby shower this weekend which will be fully discussed in a separate entry.) Our doula, Leslee, thinks we’re prepared for all of the breathing, positioning, walking, etc. that are involved in labor. Bags are pretty much packed, car seat is installed, we’ve taken what feels like 20 classes and we’ve both read 1,000s of pages of baby books. And I’m super excited to see her (FINALLY!) and have a teeny little baby to cuddle! But here’s the big hangup – I’M GOING TO BE A MOTHER!!!!! I don’t know how to do that! I’m a pretty good big sister, I think, a decent daughter, a good friend, and I think I’ve done well at the whole wife thing, too. But a mom? My brain cannot wrap around this part. But I’ve still got 3 weeks, right?

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