What to Expect: Week 32

Week 32, and we’re still a squash. The big day is much closer now, so my doctor’s visits have become more frequent – currently every two weeks. Everything is going perfectly, except for the tiny issue of my gestational diabetes. But even that is going well – I started my special diet a week ago and my blood sugar levels have been great ever since. Even the finger pricking isn’t that bad, and it’s nice to know almost immediately that I have chosen my food wisely, unlike with a weight loss diet where you have to wait weeks to see any progress.

I have had some swelling, mostly in my feet, but a little in my hands. It’s not a constant thing, but one day my right foot all the way up to my calf was noticeably larger than my left. I’m talking a freak-show type difference. It looked like I had Hobbit feet! Aaron just kept staring at it and saying, “That can’t be good. That really can’t be good.” However, the doctor has assured me that as long as there’s no redness or pain, that swelling on one side or both is normal.

I’m at the point where I could start experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions (or “practice” contractions.) So far, I haven’t had any and it’s possible that I won’t have them at all, but I kind of hope that I do just so I have some sort of idea what I’m getting into. For now, the only activity going on in my uterus is baby gymnastics. My mom and my sister were FINALLY able to feel the baby move last weekend after months of Melissa stalking my belly. I was glad the kid finally performed for her Auntie M, and she definitely made up for lost time by not just giving her a little kick, but a crazy, full body somersault kind of thing. She made me proud!


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