Easy as 1,2,3….

This week we started our childbirth preparation classes, but I need to backtrack to our first baby class that we took about a month ago, called Baby ABC’s. The class description said it was designed to teach us how to care for our newborn and includes information on diapering, swaddling and bathing. I was a little nervous going into it because it was our first class, and I didn’t know what to expect – not just from the class, but from Aaron and I as a team. It was the first time we’d been in a learning situation together, and I’m kind of a dork, so I didn’t know if our classroom styles would match up. (I pictured me feverishly taking notes and raising my hand to answer and ask questions while Aaron tried to hide and act like he wasn’t with the totally nerdy, overachieving pregnant woman.) Plus I didn’t know how enthusiastic he was going to be about having to sit in a 2 hour class.

I don’t know if Aaron was nervous, but right off the bat, they made us take a 20 question quiz. It was multiple choice, and we had to identify things like meconium, millia, vernix and stork bites. I knew some of the terms from my obsessive pregnancy book reading, but a lot of them were unfamiliar to me. We went back and forth on a few answers, but in the end, we wound up getting all of them right. And Aaron was on the ball in the class, throwing out answers, helping me take notes, making sure we wrote down important information. He made this dork proud!

At the end of class, we got to practice diapering and swaddling, which Aaron excelled at. He’d probably tell you he’s better than me at both things (and he’s probably right.) Of course, swaddling and diapering a lifeless doll is a lot easier than a newborn baby, but at least we’re on track.

The class made me feel more confident, not necessarily in my baby caring skills, but in our skills as a team. Aaron is definitely going to be a hands-on dad, and I’m really, really lucky to have such a supportive husband. I love you, babe!!!!!


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