Kickin’ It

The coolest, coolest thing happened last night! Usually, the baby will kick sporadically, and never in the same place twice, so I haven’t tried to get anyone to feel it because it would be pointless. But last night when Aaron and I went to bed, she started kicking, and they were all around the same spot. So I told Aaron that if he put his hand in the right spot, he MAY get to feel the baby move, but I couldn’t promise anything. I figured that as soon as I got him to move, she’d stop, but it was worth a chance. But apparently it was our lucky night! After about a minute, there was a really strong kick right under Aaron’s hand! He got to feel his first kick! It was amazing……..


One response to “Kickin’ It

  1. Oh, my goodness, I can only imagine the joy that must have lit up Aaron's face. How thrilled he must have been (and you too). I have a little tear in my eye…..Hugs!Melissa

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