What To Expect: Week 21

September 21, 2009

By now, the baby actually has functioning taste buds, and she takes little gulps of amniotic fluid throughout the day. This means that she’s getting a taste of the foods I eat throughout the day. According to thebump.com, “Studies show that after birth, babies are most interested in tastes they’ve already experienced through amniotic fluid.” Lately the menu has consisted of a lot of egg whites, cheese, grapes and apples. And brownies. (I can’t drink alcohol, and I can’t eat sushi, sandwich meat, soft cheeses and about a million other things. The brownies stay!!!!! The end.)

My tastes have changed in one tiny area since I got pregnant – I am able to enjoy spicier foods! Now, for me this means that I’ve been buying Medium salsa instead of Mild, but it’s an improvement! Hopefully this means the baby will be more tolerant of spicy foods. But I also hope this tolerance will stop far short of her father’s and Uncle Ken’s habit of eating as much of a spicy food as they can without vomiting. No trip to a sushi restaurant is complete without those two fools shoving increasingly larger balls of wasabi in their mouths, then crying from the pain they’ve caused themselves and also crying from the laughter of watching the pain of the other. (They really are soul mates, those boys.)

So far, I’ve gained 10 pounds, which is right on track, and I should gain about 20 more pounds between now and February. Most of the weight has gone to my stomach, and the rest has gone to the bosom. Shocker. I think the rest of me looks pretty much the same. And Aaron is smart enough to not say anything to the contrary! I had asked Aaron recently if people realize I’m pregnant or if they think I’m just fat. (I don’t think he answered that question. Again, he’s really, really smart.) On Saturday, I actually had a woman in the grocery store ask me when my baby was due, and then say, “But you’re still so little!” It was the perfect confirmation of the baby bump combined with a compliment so I wouldn’t feel like she was calling me fat. The lady was good!

Here’s what the baby bump is looking like at Week 21:


2 responses to “What To Expect: Week 21

  1. I don't eat fish, but eat sushi… all the time. We should go to Osaka or Kitcho so I can show you the yumminess of vegetarian sushi!

  2. My sister and I actually got sushi about two months ago, and I was able to get plenty of stuff with cooked shrimp or crab, and it was really delicious. But what I really, really miss is my favorite – scallop rolls and scallop nigiri. The scallop rolls at Lucy Ho's have a yummy spicy mayo sauce, and the nigiri at Sakura has a little bit of lemon zest. Mmmmmmmm……..

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