The Nursery

We live in a teeny, tiny house, just 880 sf with two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. Fortunately we have big closets, or it never would have worked. Aaron and I would have killed each other in week one! The nursery is going to be in our second bedroom, which is currently serving as Aaron’s office/studio space/CD and guitar and surfboard storage. Things have cleared out in there a good bit since we got the storage shed outside – there used to be an electric saw, leaf blower, sander, gallons of paint…. all kinds of stuff. And it wasn’t pretty.

When it comes to converting this room into a nursery, I’ve given the design of the room a lot of thought, especially because the room presents several challenges:

1. It’s tiny! Just 10′ x 10′
2. Aaron still wants to use it as an office.
3. Two doors opening into the room take up valuable space.

I’ve come up with a floor plan that I think will work pretty well and not make the room feel too cluttered. I want to get Aaron a new desk because his is lacking in closed storage (lots of exposed computer equipment = not so good for baby) plus it’s not the most attractive piece of furniture. We already have a nice rug, pendant light fixture (that I made all by myself, thank you very much!) and Roman shade (all in nice neutral cream. And I know it’s stupid for us to have a light colored carpet in a baby’s room, but it was only $30, so if it gets ruined it’s not the end of the world.)We also have some cubby style bookcases in the room that match our floors. The room is in decent shape! But we do need to buy:

1. The new desk (as previously mentioned)
2. A crib and bedding
3. A new closet system
4. Accessories / art
5. Additional lighting
6. A chair and ottoman

We’re also going to paint the room a nice, soothing grayish blue color. Yes, I know blue is associated with boys. Sue us for gender misrepresentation. The decor part of the nursery has been the biggest source of stress. Mainly because my dear, sweet, fashion and design-conscious husband is a little hard to please in the decor department. (Translation: he DARES have an opinion that differs from mine! The nerve! Doesn’t he know you should never disagree with a pregnant woman? 🙂 I’ve shown him about 1,000 different bedding fabrics we could use in the room over the past few months, and he’s hated every one of them. We finally came up with a solution this week that makes both of us happy, which is good, because it was about to drive me totally insane.

So, here’s the (proposed) nursery design…..

I’m taking off the closet door and installing a curtain instead.

(Solves the problem of that pesky door swing.)

Wall Color: Ralph Lauren paint in “Impressionist”
(See, it’s a pretty blue! And not boyish at all.)

Crib Bumper and Quilt: Pottery Barn Organic Giant Dot Bedding

Sheets: By Dwell Studio
Since our bedding is neutral, we can have all kinds of fun sheets
and I looooove that they have owls!

Gulliver Crib by Ikea

It’s inexpensive, modern-looking and convertible. Perfect!

Boliden Chair and Footstool by Ikea

Another inexpensive – and REALLY comfortable – pick. It may not fit in the nursery, but if it doesn’t, we’ll just put it in the living room.

Closet System: Trofast by Ikea


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  1. i love it! ikea is great!

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