Our first baby

Although this is my first pregnancy, this is not the first baby for me and Aaron. Our first born is Ringo, our big, handsome, orange kitty. Ringo is the center of attention in our house, and is the center of a lot of the stories we tell. We have turned into “those people” when it comes to Ringo, always telling stories about him, showing off pictures, talking about his weird little quirks. Like the fact that he eats his wet food with his paw. And he always runs straight to the litter box when we get home. And he sleeps on top of the covers between my legs every night, usually with his head resting on my butt. And he gags if he smells citrus fruit, cloves or toothpaste. I am overly attached to this cat, so much so that I cry every time I have to drop him off at the vet for his kitty checkups (which I will have to do this Wednesday.) I’m sure it seems a little obsessive, but look at him – isn’t he just the cutest thing???


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