Baby Weight

This week, I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants. I knew the day would come, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I mean, what’s sexy about a huge elastic panel that stretches from your waist to your boobs? Plus, as a naturally chubby girl, I’m already pretty self-concious when it comes to clothes shopping. For me, the idea of needing to buy maternity pants was kind of like if I had to move from the “regular” section to the plus-size. And even though the move to maternity pants is really out of my control, I wasn’t looking forward to it.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I haven’t really experienced a huge body change yet. The last time I checked, I’d gained about 7 pounds, which is pretty much on target. And, as I’m already overweight, I am only supposed to gain 15 – 20 pounds over the course of the entire pregnancy. I think “the girls” have gotten a little larger, but I haven’t had to buy new bras yet, thank goodness! (That day is coming, though, and it’s gonna be baaaaddddd!) All of my pants still fit fine with a little help from by BeBands or a ponytail holder through the button hole, but both of those options had gotten a little annoying. The Be Bands have to be adjusted all day long (not that they aren’t a good product, I just think I bought a size too big.) And the ponytail holder…… well, it’s just sad.

My final decision was made when I went to put on my favorite pair of dark jeans this week (the super cute American Eagle Trouser Jean, which, thanks to the god-awful skinny jean trend that apparently will never die, is no longer made. Bastards.) and realized that they were just too uncomfortable to wear with either of my adjustment options.

So I bit the bullet, and headed to Motherhood, armed with a very generous gift card my in-laws had gotten me for my birthday (Thanks, Fran and Randy!!) The sales girl was really helpful, and I actually wound up buying three pairs of pants – a dark jean plus two pairs of pants for work. And the pants are CUTE! As someone who has spent the better part of a decade, even more so in the past 6 weeks, dreading putting on pants in the morning, I gotta say – I LOVE MATERNITY PANTS!!! In fact, I think that ALL girls with a little extra around the middle should wear maternity pants! The problem I have with most pants is how they fit at my waist – with low-rise jeans being in style, it’s especially hard to find jeans that don’t squish my midsection. And even when pants fit, we all have fat days where zipping and buttoning is a challenge. Now I don’t have to worry about it! It’s pretty liberating.

And not having to obsess about my weight is pretty liberating, too. I realized the other morning, when Aaron was having one of his “I feel fat!” days, that I’M NOT ALLOWED TO LOSE WEIGHT! How friggin’ awesome is that? Since about 1999 (the last time I weighed 135 pounds, the maximum “healthy” weight for my height according to those BMI people) I have worried almost constantly about my weight – pretty much the fact that I really needed to lose a lot of it. But now, for the next 6 months, as long as I don’t go completely crazy and start packing on huge amounts of weight (which I’ve never really done – I’m a gradual weight gainer) I’m home free! No weight worries for me! And when I do start getting fat and have a belly that sticks out further than my gigantic bosom, people will think I’m cute, not that I need to sign up for Jenny Craig.

Pregnancy’s not bad, people. Not bad at all…..

(And as I write that, the worrier in me feels that I’ve just jinxed myself into a 12-pound, colicky baby and a 4-cup boob expansion. I’m now going to knock on every wood surface in my house.)


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