What to Expect: Week 8

June 22, 2009

So this week, the wee one is the size of a raspberry. The baby is looking less like an alien and more like a human. Key on the list – webbed toes and fingers are starting to separate, unless it’s carrying the Wimberley gene, then toes two and three won’t split all the way. Or maybe they will – this could be the generation that outgrows my dad’s webbed toes! (For those of you not familiar with this particular Wimberley family trait, it’s really not as scary-looking as you think. Calm down!)
And apparently my amniotic fluid is increasing 2 tablespoons per week from now on – Yay for retaining fluids!

As for the state of the mommy, one word: TIRED. I took a nap at 10:30 … yesterday MORNING! Now, I’ve always loved to sleep, and I require a good nine hours a night to function. But a mid morning nap? Even I find that immensely pathetic. My brain function has also slowed to a crawl, which would be fine if I didn’t have, I don’t know, a Studio project to finish and a thesis to write. Oh, well! I’m still extremely happy that I haven’t experienced the vomiting, although I’ve had some slight nausea, and I’m weird about what I’ll eat. Prime example: It’s Aaron’s turn to cook tonight, so I suggested turkey burgers to him earlier this afternoon. By the time I had gotten home, though, turkey burgers were definitely not on the menu.


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