Secret? We don’t keep no stinkin’ secret!

Here’s a little word of advice to all you newly pregnant people out there: TRUST NO ONE. If you want to keep your pregnancy a secret from the public at large, then you should keep the news to yourself. “But we want to tell our family.” You’re a fool! You may as well email everyone on your contacts list, because if you don’t one of your relatives will. Even if you tell them explicitly: “Please don’t tell anyone. We’re only telling family,” they will hear, “She said I’m going to be a grandparent, and to feel free shout it from the rooftops!” All the pregnancy books talk about the emotional roller coaster a newly pregnant woman experiences, so-called “pregnancy insanity.” In my experience (though it is only of a few short weeks) pregnant women may have the insanity, but it is contagious, and it will affect the ones closest to you, especially the ones you least expect. I think this syndrome is specifically strong in those expecting their first grandchild. They get the crazies the worst. Believe me – if you want to keep baby news a secret, keep it to yourself.


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