Things I will buy my baby

There are so many cute baby things out there, and we can’t wait to start buying them up for our wee one. One of the first purchases we’ll have to make are actually something that Aaron found online months ago. BabyLegs are precious little leg warmers that kids of all ages can wear. They were created by a stay at home mom who was trying to keep her daughter’s legs warm while combatting diaper rash. Among their benefits are leg protection (especially for crawling babies), easier diaper changes, and protection from the sun. Their product line is really diverse, with designs for more traditional babies as well as trendy designs for the funkier trendster babies. There are also organic offerings in their product line. On top of all this, the company is involved in philanthropic efforts throughout the world, including donations to an orphanage in Uganda.

Like fat little baby legs aren’t cute enough, these leg warmers add style while accentuating the ever adorable baby leg fat. I figure this is the one time in your life where leg fat is cute, so you may as well flaunt it! When your child gets older, the BabyLegs can be used as cute knee-high leg warmers to wear during sports or ballet or as funky additions to your child’s favorite short sleeve shirt. Check out the website for all the options.

Here’s some of our favorite BabyLegs products. Try not to say, “Aaaaaaaaawwwwww!”


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