Breaking the News: Part 3 and 4

This weekend was scheduled to be full of mom visiting and news breaking. My mom lives over near Pensacola, and as luck would have it, Aaron’s mom was coming down from North Carolina to visit her parents, who live fairly close to my mom. It was a pretty rare opportunity to see both moms and Aaron’s other grandparents all in one weekend, and with such awesome news.

We told my mom within thirty minutes of arriving at her house Friday night, and she wasn’t exactly shocked that we were expecting because she knew we’d been trying. (She’s been really sick, so we wanted to tell her in advance in case of the worst.) As is typical of my go-go-go, Type A mom, she was worried about two things: #1: Being healthy enough to hold the baby. #2: What cute name the baby will call her. She feels like she is too young to be called “grandma,” and I kind of agree. Who knows what she’ll come up with? But we already have a special name for my mom’s boyfriend – our favorite boatsman, the Captain of Yieldspread and Elvira will be called “Cappy.” Pretty cute, huh?

My mom has a big family that she talks to ALL the time, but we made her swear to secrecy until we can tell my grandparents in person. But of course she couldn’t stay totally mum – she called her best friend of over 30 years, “Aunt” Carla, to tell her the news. We’ll have to see my grandparents soon before she cracks completely. I think we have a two week window before she blabs.

Unfortunately, our plans for telling Aaron’s mom didn’t come through. She got stuck in North Carolina for longer than expected, so we’re not seeing her this trip. We did go visit Aaron’s grandparents and share the news with them. It’s great-grandbaby #7 for them, so this is kind of old news, but they were excited that Aaron’s mom is finally going to be a grandma. We’ll have to come up with another plan for breaking the news to Aaron’s mom since it won’t be in person.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep the secret now that we’re telling more and more people. I’m worried I’m going to slip up and say something in front of someone I shouldn’t. It’s just really hard to keep something so exciting a secret!


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